The Best Care Tips for your Puppy


When you have a puppy in your house you understand that a lot of care is needed for their growth. Whether you are owning the puppy for the first time or you have them since birth, the responsibility is immense. The joy that comes from watching them grow into beautiful creatures s is very fulfilling for any dog lover. Puppies need to be watched closely as they grow, you need to ensure that your Labrador puppy will have a comfortable environment to grow in.

Like any other pet , a puppy needs to be fed a balanced diet to ensure that they grow into strong dogs. In case you don’t know what to feed your puppy you can opt to feed them commercial food products that are either dry or are wet. Both the dry and the wet options for the puppy’s food will have the nutritional content needed to ensure that your puppy develops well. Apart from the commercial products you can opt to go for the natural foods which you can prepare at your home. Puppies from various breeds are different so make sure that you do consultations with a veterinarian on what is fit for your puppy. The age of the puppy and the health condition of the puppy will also determine the nutritional needs.

Some puppies when fed with the wrong type of food will suffer from allergies that could be triggered from the contents of the foods. Labrador puppies younger than four months need to be fed three times but as they grow older they times fed could be reduced to two. If it so happens that you are feeding a dry diet to your puppy or any other kind ensure that you provide fresh water for them as well. Fresh water should be provided in a bowl that has to be kept clean to prevent any contamination. A puppy will sleep a lot of the time if you are observant and watching the little guy. Make sure that the puppy has a comfortable and warm place to sleep in the house.

In an effort to enhance the comfort, make sure that you put a warm piece of blanket or something soft where they sleep Do not encourage the puppies to sleep in areas that you are not comfortable with otherwise they might get attached to them and find giving them up hard. When it comes to toilet training , puppies work with some help. Just before a puppy goes to the toilet they will express some unique behavior such as sniffing around. It is at this time that you take them out to the spot that they should be doing it and after some time they will learn. With time they will take themselves out and you are comfortable even when you are away.

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